Sunday, April 23, 2006

The story

Here is how it went:

At about 4pm I went to the girls club to volunteer. I started to park in the side lot but opted for the front since it was empty. The knitting club decided to sit outside in front of the building to knit. A parent decided to join us to learn to knit and we had several younger girls sitting and watching. Other girls were outside trying out for the track team. I remembered I had some blankets in the trunk so I went to get them for the girls to sit on. The girls asked "Is that your car?", "What type of car is that?". You know, the typical kid stuff.

As I sat and tried to knit I heard this noise. As I looked I saw Jay-etta shaking from side to side and I heard "Ms. Saun, Ms.Saun, she hit your car!" followed by "Sue! Sue! Sue! Sue!" When you are trying not to curse in front of children, it doesn't help to hear children chanting the word "sue". All I could think was "I am only 2 payments away from the car being paid off and this is what I get. F*%$!". I went to the car, pulled out a notebook and camera and proceeded to get the proper info. The damage isn't too bad and I'm glad no one was hurt but it's still a pain. Insurance is going to contact the driver before they can fix my car but I'm not too concerned with her changing her story. I have about 40 witnesses.

To calm my nerves I opted for some retail therapy. I headed to the LYS in Wake Forest and took part in their 20% off sale.

I purchased some Kelly yarn and made this tank. I wasn't in the mood to make a pattern or follow one. I just calculated the cast on and went from them. Mindless stockinette. Knitting therapy. The perfect part is that this classifies as my item for April's Project Spectrum.