Thursday, April 13, 2006

A cautionary tale

I'm trying to concentrate on finishing my last sleeve for the Glimmer cardigan so I don't have any interesting progress to show. (I have to finish before I can start the dress guilt-free). Instead I will share with you a cautionary tale which came to mind when leafing through the new Vogue Knitting.

Do you see this little number.

I first saw it in the Spring/Summer 2004 issue of Vogue Knitting and fell in love. I was living in Minnesota at the time and I drove an hour and a half to a shop northwest of Minneapolis to find this pattern. It's a Schachenmayer (Nr.75 S4). It took me over a year to finish it due to the cryptic description of a half fisherman's rib. The rib is what made the top so I was determined to finish. This was the final result.

Now let's focus in on the horrors of this top. See the bulges at the armholes created by the rib.

Notice the terrifyingly pointy bulges at the base of the ribbing.

I followed this pattern to the letter! Disappointment does not express how I felt when I tried this thing on. I was heated! (pissed!,irate!,or what ever you want to call it.) This was the first thing I ever worked on size 3 needles and all that work was for nothing.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because I saw that same deceptive bulge on this sweater.

Proceed with caution my friends. Proceed with caution.