Friday, April 14, 2006

Let's talk copyrights

A nice woman sent me an email asking about the copyright on my needlecase design. In answering her question I decided it would be good to post a little something here on the matter. In the future this will serve as my copyright disclaimer.

Let's start with the basics:
Every single pattern and design in my sidebar has been filed for copyright through the United States Copyright Office.

I don't just slap the little copyright symbol in there for the fun of it. That being said, it should go without saying that all patterns and designs are for personal use and not for profit. This means:
1. You do not sell my designs anywhere (school fairs, church bizarres, stores,etc).
2. You do not sell my patterns anywhere without my expressed written consent (blogs, yarn shops, etc).
3. You do not post or sell my patterns as if they were your own.

The only one to profit from my work is me. If I find out you are doing it, then guess what? I want my money!

I know that people can have similar ideas but if you buy my pattern, study it, then produce a pattern or design for sale, I won't be a happy camper.
I give out free patterns as a gift and I would hope that no one would try to take advantage of that either. I can definitely say that I've given more patterns away then I've sold so it's obviously not about the profits but once someone takes it down that road then I'll be forced to go down that road with them.

I know I can't police the world, but info has a funny way of finding its way back to people that need it.