Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Better Late Than Never

I know we are in the midst of Project Spectrum: April

but I'm still trying to overcome my ADD mishap from March. I need to get it under control. I've written a list of things I want to accomplish and the first thing is to clear all my March projects off my list.

I started by finishing these on Monday.

Next I'm going to knock-out that Glimmer cardigan. I need to finish before it gets to hot to wear it. We're up to consistent 60 degree weather now.

After that I'm going to work on the yellow top I started in March. Perfect for PS:April. I also want to make an orange skirt of some kind so I'm going fabric stash diving this week to see if I have anything that works. Before there was a yarn stash there was a fabric stash and it needs to be reduced too. Plus April is Use What You Have month.