Friday, March 17, 2006

I'm a cheater

First I'll start off with Friendly Tip Friday's

Friendly Tip #13

If you go to the doctor for allergy testing and they give you the option of having it done on your arms or back, chose your back. Trust me. If you don't you'll have to hide your forearms for a few weeks for fear that the 54 well-aligned dot scars make you look like a smack addict.

I had testing done last week and when my sister saw me she said, "You might want to cover that I up. I think that is what they call track marks." I watch enough Law & Order to know that isn't a good thing. Good news is I'm not allergic to all the things I thought I was. Bad news is I'm just allergic to the chemicals and sulfites in them.

Moving on....

I've been a little bit of a cheat lately. I've forgone my Addi's to have an affair with my Bryspuns and I've also been cheating on Project Spectrum and my plan not to buy anymore yarn.

I stopped at a small LYS in Chapel Hill, Knit-a-Bit, which I rarely visit. They just got in some new Berocco yarns and I bought some Touche in Peeps (a bright yellow). I've been playing around with it and I've started working on a split neck tank. I started this over the weekend but I've frogged and started over twice.
I have done a little work on my sock and turned the heel yesterday.

That's all for my updates and now I have a question for everyone that attends SnB/knitting circles.

When the weather gets warm does the attendance start to go down?

Lately attendance at SnB has been low. Low like, only me and one other person. This is my first year going to SnB nights and I'm just trying to figure out if attendance twindles when the weather warms up or if there are other factors. I know no one can come all the time but lately things have been real sparse.

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Everyone go out and have a drink tonight and celebrate. This is the only holiday where the point is to get drunk. You might as well enjoy it. Have a great weekend!