Thursday, March 09, 2006

All quiet on the blogland front

Sorry for the bit of silence her at Chez Saun. I've been "rippin and runnin", as my father would say, and I haven't had much worth writing about. I figured I'd save you from the details of work and taxes. I haven't been home before the sun goes down so I don't have any good pics either.

I'm almost done with one front side of the Glimmer cardigan. Pics to come soon.

I've finished the hat and should have a pattern w/pics for you by Tuesday. Why Tuesday, you ask? Because I'm off to one of my favorite cities for a 4-day weekend... Atlanta. The family is meeting up to celebrate my Great-Aunt's birthday. Yeah family time! Let the comedy begin.

I haven't been to Atlanta in over a year and I'm excited to get back to the city I once called home. I'm really excited that I can go to Publix for some of the greatest chicken wings ever. I know I shouldn't be excited about grocery store chicken wings, but I am. They are goooood! I won't have time to hit the crack yarn shops but that's okay. I plan to indulge in a little Ikea instead. Maybe I should write out a schedule. I still need to schedule time with the family and a few old friends.

Have a great weekend everyone.