Sunday, March 05, 2006

Why I love Summer Tweed

Thanks for everyone that weighed in on the naming of the hat. There are a few front runners but I will decide after I work the other version of the hat. I should have something by the end of the week.

Juls asked why I love Summer Tweed and I'm more than happy to try and answer that quesiton. It took me awhile to put the feeling it into words. It's the feeling you get when you find that thing that is like perfection and makes you all giddy and excited and all you want to do is touch it and look at it.

My favorite yarn blend is silk/cotton. It's a perfect blend of luxury and comfort. Cotton is easy to take care of, doesn't get to hot, and can be worn year round. Add some silk and it's just instant luxury. Summer Tweed is 70% Silk, 30% Cotton. It has this strange nubby yet soft texture that just has this raw natural essence. And the is what all yarn should smell like. I will admit most people don't like it and it takes some getting use to because of it's texture. Another caveat is that it "grows/blooms" when it gets wet and gauge can be tricky. None the less, I LOVE the stuff.

I have finished the back and started the side of the Glimmer cardigan but I don't have any progress pics. I had to take a break and work on my next MagKnits submission so I'll get back to it tomorrow.

Before I go I wanted to show you my Kool-aid self-striping yarn. I finally got the chance to see how the stripes worked out and I'm pleasantly surprised. The stripes are not thick but they are situated well enough that the colors won't pool. I have to salute all those people that dye self-striping yarn. It can be a tedious process and one that I probably won't do too often.