Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March is going to be a good month.

Why you ask?

March is officially the month of favorites. It's the return of Prison Break(awwww... Wentworth),the return of America's Next Top Model, and the beginning of Project Spectrum, (my very own version of Project Runway*) featuring my favorite colors red and pink.

For the first month of P.S., I'm going to stick to knitted projects. I have two trips planned this month (Atlanta & Chicago) and knitting will be the most portable. This is also going to give me a chance to start on my Glimmer cardigan from Kim Hargreaves using my ever favorite Summer Tweed yarn. I also have the kool-aid dyed sock yarns I want to work with. The multi-colored one was my first attempt at self-striping yarn.

Overall, there are a few things I want to explore and accomplish during Project Spectrum. The first thing is that I don't want to spend a lot of money on this venture. I want to explore the concepts of recycle and reuse through thrift store shopping and reusing materials I already own. I also want to focus on handcrafting accessories through beading, etc. And most importantly I want to find a project that will reconnect me with my love of my sewing machines.

If your interested in Project Spectrum, stop by and see lollygirl. You can join anytime during the project.

* Would you believe that for all I pay for cable tv, we don't get the Bravo network and I've never seen Project Runway. The injustice! An aspiring designer that's never seen Project Runway. Oh... the horror!