Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bless her soul...

Bless this baby's poor Kimberly-Stewart-tortured-soul. She's been taken hostage as Miss Stewart's newest accessory. (I'm not sure who's child it really it is.)

And while I normally protest pictures of tortured children I can't stop looking at the kid's hat. I'm loving that hat! I need it. Want it. Gotta have it. I may never get to wear it because the weather here is never stable but I will make it anyway. Now I just have to figure out the pattern.

Can I just say that figure skating is the most nerve-wrecking sport to watch. All I do is watch hoping that no one falls. After a little distraction (I went and bought yarn for the hat. Yup, I really want the hat), I settled in to finish one of the Martha sleeves.

Now let's talk about this sleeve. I had a a little dye lot problem. The problem being that I dyed this yarn back in September and I don't think I dyed it all in the same pot so my colors are a little off in two of the skeins. Can you see it in the picture? I've decided that I'll have to over-dye the whole thing when I'm done. Rip back you say...HA! I refuse. Reknitting will take a day or two. Overdyeing takes 20 minutes.

Oops...I gotta go. Sasha Cohen (sp?) is about to skate and I need to start this other sleeve. I hate to rush but I know you understand.