Thursday, February 02, 2006

Olympic Training

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks for all of your nice comments about the Trellis & Vine Shawl and my other new patterns. If you make them, I would love to see some finished pictures.

Now onto the new stuff.....

I never really understood the ability to look forward to something and dread it at the same time until now. I'm really excited about the Olympics and the Knitting Olympics but after some pre-Olympic "training" I'm a little skeptical.

I swatched for the Martha Cardigan I'll be working on. I luckily got gauge on the first try but the fact that I'll have to do an entire cardigan on size 2 needles is the craziest thing I've ever considered. Will you still talk to me when I'm huddled in a corner babbling to my Rowan pattern book and needles??? I was using Addi's but they're just to slick. Today I visited the LYS to look for some bamboo needles. (I resisted buying any new yarn ...YEAH! ...but I did walk out with 2 of the Barbara Walker Knitting Treasuries ).
If I finish this thing in 16 days with my mental health semi-intact I think I'll treat myself to a massage.

I'm trying to clear the decks. I'm almost done with the Lacy Sweater. All I have to do is seam it and work the neckline. I should have some show& tell on Monday. I've also turned the heel on the second of my Tiger footies so I should have those done soon too.

I tried really hard not to start anything new before the K.O. but I couldn't resist. I cast-on for the Erin sweater from the Rowan 30 mag. I've wanted to make this sweater for a few years now and since I have some Cotton-Ease in my stash I figure there's no time like the present.

It seems that some groundhogs saw their shadows. That's supposed to mean 6 more weeks of winter. Since I've barely seen one good week I'm a little skeptical of this bit of folklore. If it does come true then this sweater may come in handy.