Monday, January 23, 2006

Knitting is so vicious!

Jen made a comment the other day that knitting and knit blogging is competitive. Well last night I got to see it first hand.

Every Wednesday is SnB night nite at Helios Coffeehouse and there is no prejudice to who can join. Everyone's welcome.
I arrived at 6:30 and started knitting. Shortly there after about 6 women I've never seen before walked right past me and sat down at a table. They looked at me several times but never really spoke. Then another two girls came in, looked at me, and sat on another couch. The regular SnB'ers don't really show up until around 8pm but when they did (12-15 peeps), the others didn't join us and still didn't speak. Now it could be coincidence that 8 women just happened to want to knit on Wednesday at Helios and I understand that not everyone wants to join a group but let's be real here. The SnB listserv is over 200 people and Helios is a very unique and specific place to choose. Did they really not know? But to wrap up my thought, last knit I was introduced the cliqish nature that knitting can have. I found the whole thing interesting but rather funny.

Thanks to everyone for all the nice comments on my latest projects. The Diamonique pattern may be a little delayed. That's because I've been working on a variation of the top that I want to include.

This was the version I originally intended to make before I came up with the other. The neckline is a little wider than I want so I'm going to rework the front.

And when you get a chance, check out Lauren's Project Spectrum .

I'm usually very "anti-bandwagon". I don't like to join everything that comes along. I want to join because I really like the idea behind it. Lauren's idea is a good one.

The point of Project Spectrum is to create something using the colors designated for that month and it can be anything. Knit,crochet,bead,embroider,whatever. For me this will help me break out of my mold of pinks & reds and push me to try new colors.


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