Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy 100th post!!! (with a contest)

Happy 100th post to me!

This is an accomplishment let me tell you! There are very few technology-related habits that I can keep up with. Playstation..everyday for a month, then stopped. I used my Palm Pilot for 2 months then I stopped and switched back to my trusty post-its. So this blog right here is amazing. I've surprised myself by keeping up with it for so long. I have to thank all of you who read it, because if you didn't I would have stopped long ago.

In celebration of the momentus event I have devised a contest. It's lame and cheesy and probably been done before but it's all I've got.

The Contest:Guess how many balls of yarn are in my stash?

The contest will run until next Monday January 9, at which point the person with the closest guess will get a prize. I'm still working on the prize but it will be a good one, I promise. I don't have the slightest clue how many there are. That's why the contest goes til Monday. I'll be doing a little counting and organizing over the weekend.

Here's what I've been working on lately.

This is the "Regine" top I finished which during my vacation. Although the picture doesn't really show it well, this top is supposed to show off your cleavage. There's another fancy french word for it that starts with a "D" but I don't know how to spell it. Decollage? Something like that. But anyway, I named it after Kim Fields' character "Regine" on Living Single. There was a marathon on the Oxygen network the day I designed it. I thought the name was appropriate since Regine loved to show off her "cleave".

It's made out of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. This will be another one for the free pattern section once I type it up.

Last night I worked on a chart for a fair-isle type sweater I'm designing.

I'll be making it out of some Nashua Worsted Weight.

That's all for now. See you Monday. Happy guessing!


Jen & La have started the war of all wars. A war of ugly, if you will. It's an "Ugliest Avatar" meme.

Yahoo! Avatars

Go to Yahoo! Avatars and create the ugliest avatar you can think of. I call mine "Winter Rodeo Gretel". If you are reading this then you've been tagged. Have fun!