Thursday, December 15, 2005

Saun brings you the winning lottery numbers

Here at Chez Saun, it is not always all-craftiness-all-the-time. Sometimes we (we meaning me) feel it is our duty to bring you entertainment as well as pertinent information for the everyday. If my life can prove entertaining and informational, who am I to deny you. So in addition to Friendly Tips For Everyday Living , I now bring to you.... Saun's Lucky Lottery Numbers .

If North Carolina had a lottery I would play these, but since we don't, I'm passing these little gems on to you. All I ask is 10% if you strike it rich. If you lose...well..better luck next time. I make no name isn't Aunt Cleo.


34 The number of minutes I sat on the phone one day while my sister (with Mamacita in the background) scolded/cursed-me-out for not having a man. Obviously I'm not trying hard enough. I should be trolling the church pews and dressing up in candy striper costumes in hospital hallways.

55 The approximate highway driving time between me and a man that I gave my phone number to last week. I met him at a friend's party and he seemed okay but given 2 unsuccessful attempts at long distance relationships, I am very anti-distance when it comes to dating. Call me crazy, but I don't think these types of things work. But nonetheless, I gave him my number.

38 That would be his age. That's quite a few years above my standard +5/-2 age rule. It's out of my comfort level but I'm trying to be open to new things. (I ignored the initial warning/nagging signs in my brain.)

23 The age he thought I was. Flattering yet bothersome. Yeah, looking young will come in handy one day but this is probably the reason I can't get men my own age. They are always much younger or much older. And what would a 38 year old man want with a 23 year old woman? I mean, other than the obvious.

20 The amount of hours he works at his 2 jobs in addition to his regular 40 hour job. Hmmmmm? Why so many jobs you wonder? So did I. No man works that much for the heck of it. Would he really have time to spend with me and what does he need all this money for? My first guess, a child. (I continue to tread lightly)

18 (Danger, Will Robingson, Danger!!!) His daughter's age. The daughter for which he is working all these hours so she can have a car since she is in college. He doesn't have a child, he has an adult. I was expecting 6 or maybe even 10 years old. I could have wrapped my mind around that, but 18, that's just WAY beyond my comfort level. That means I was 11 when she was born. I know this because my aunt had a child that same year. That means I was in the 6th grade and he was out of high school and pushing around a stroller. And now I'm beginning to wonder should I be worried that he originally thought I was only 5 years older than his daughter? Oh... and did I forget to add that she has said that she doesn't want her father to date or get married. At that age,she is old enough to actually and creatively cause problems in his relationships.

And they wonder why I have no man. HA! This is the best of the situations I've had over the past year.