Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'm going shopping

The last time I went home my mother made it a point to show me this article she cut out of the newspaper. It was about children returning to their parents' home to "shop". You know, get a few rolls of toilet paper, take those extra sheets/towels they don't use, etc. She thought it was funny that someone wrote something that documented our lives.

Yep, that's right. I shop out of my parent's house and I'm not ashamed of it. I think as we left the house, my parents filled it with more stuff to fill up the space we left. It was their way of dealing with a empty nest. So is it my fault, they have all this stuff they don't need or use. These people have so much stuff we haven't been able to come up with gifts to buy them for the past 3 years. They already have everything.

For example, my sister and I shared a 12'X15' sized room. When my brother and I left, Bill moved to my brother's room, and Mamacita turned our room into her own Michael's/Jo-Ann's/Art/Yarn room. It is FILLED to the ceiling. I would show you a picture if she hadn't already threatened to hurt me if I did. Needless to say this woman hasn't found a craft she doesn't like. Sewing,quilting, knitting, crochet,beading,jewelry, clay, mosaics, stained glass. I could go on but I won't. She has every supply and book imaginable. If there's been a fair or convention for it, then she's been there. It's too much for one person so I take it upon myself to help her out and take some stuff off her hands.

I'm off to the "land of Cleve" for the Thanksgiving. I don't plan on doing any retail shopping Friday because the thought of it gives me a migraine. Instead I plan on doing a little "in-home" shopping. I'm sure Mamacita will read this and try and stop me. We'll see what I come away with.

Then I'm heading to the movies. I want to see Rent (I've never seen the musical so I'm really excited), In the Mix (Probably cheesey but I like Usher. What can I say?), and maybe Harry Potter (if the crowd of children isn't too overwhelming).

If you have read this far then you will get the added delight of seeing this....

Those that thought this was a no-pic post will just miss out.
Ms. PinkyC is finished and I have decided to sell the pattern in sizes Small-XXLarge. It won't be posted until next week.

And remember that other pattern that I was supposed to post since I missed the Knitty deadline. Well....it's been accepted for the February edition of MagKnits . I'm really excited.