Thursday, November 17, 2005


Does anyone want a copy of the Fall Interweave Knits?

I signed up for the subscription and they sent me a copy of the one I already have. If you're interested send me an email. (saunshine AT gmail DOT com) First come first serve.I'm mailing it out Saturday morning. If you already have a copy, please let someone else get this one. Save a tree and all that good stuff.

I don't have much to show today. I've been busy on the design for the "Ms. PinkyC" vest. What do you think of the name? Originally it was called the Pinky Chocolates vest after my favorite eyeshadow set from Clinque . For some reason I remember the Mr.Men and Little Miss books that I loved when I was a child, so instead I'm calling it Ms.PinkyC. We're all grown up now so need to use the "Little Miss" label. I don't think it would fit. Plus I don't want to worry about that pesky copyright infringement thing.