Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Bill's Friendly Tip

Today's Friendly Tip comes from my sister, Bill (that's her nickname for those that don't know). I found this lovely note in my inbox yesterday . The friendly tip is actually only the first 3 sentences of the email but I'd thought you'd enjoy the email unedited and in its entirety. Bill is a true character. She'll probably hurt me when she see this but I couldn't resist.

Friendly Tip #9

You have truly lost your everlasting mind!!!! Never claim a man on the internet that doesn't even know you are alive. You never know who may see your site and may think you are a weirdo!!! I also would like the sweater on your site that is black with the colored specks in it. I will take it in a large and possible in a bright yellow color with the specks too. You think you could have that for me by ...... Nov. 27, 2005??? Just think.... I am willing to do free advertisement for you just because you are my big head sister. Aren't I so kind. I am even willing to by my own yarn!!! Boy I just love having a sister that knits and sews all for the low low price of FREE Ninety-nine!!!!! Yee Haw Cowboys!!!!!