Sunday, October 09, 2005

A sense of completion

I did it again. I started fifty-eleven projects and it started to drive me up a wall. So this weekend I made it a priority to finish some things. It rained all weekend so I really had no desire to leave my apartment.

First there was Bill's cropped sweater...DONE! ( I now officially hate this pattern. 2x is 2x too many.)

Then some of the SnB charity projects. A man's hat out of Encore Worsted. I still need to make the matching scarf. The blue scarf is a mistake rib pattern out of James Brett Marble yarn.
(The pic is crappy but it's late so it's the best I could do. I'll try for a better one in the morning.)

There is also the cable purse I'm making. I lined it but I hate how it turned out so I'm going to take it out and make a knitted lining. I'll come back to that when I get some more yarn for it.

I feel a little better now but I still have my Koigu socks and the other Rebecca cable sweater to finish.

I did leave the house for a little while to go to the Moonlight Madness sale at AC Moore. Thanks to Nik and her nifty little Friends & Family discount, I got some scarf yarns for 45% off. Tomorrow I'll take some pics to show you all what I bought.