Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Can you see a trend?

Can you see a trend here?

Can you tell what color scheme I favor?

I have this male friend that I used to go shopping with. One day while at The Gap I picked up a red shirt and he said bluntly "Put it down". I asked why and he said "Just put it down". Again I asked why. He then says, "Do you own anything that isn't red? That's all you wear." Did I forget to mention that he is very-much hetero. Now, if one of my gay friends had said it I won't have been so worried because I know they are just sticklers for detail. But when a not-so-detail-oriented man notices that means all men notice and that's a problem. Does that make me predictable? Boring? Is red my version of black?

I used to be in a phase where I would have a favorite color and wear nothing but that color. One year my favorite color was khaki. The next year my favorite color was "blue jean". Yeah..Yeah...I know blue jean is not a "color" but it was too me. Right down to my blue jean colored nail polish.

I thought I had broken that habit but I guess not. I thought I had changed it up a little by adding what I thought was more,coral,etc. But when it comes down to it, they are all just shades of red.

I see some yellow,green,and blue in my future.