Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hit the wall

I've tested the limits of sleep deprivation and yesterday I hit the wall. I was at work and could not produce a coherent thought. I decide to go home early, (I had done about 16 hrs the day before so who would blame me) but decided to stop by the Apple store first to get my iPod fixed. I fully realized the need for sleep when I started babbling like an incoherent fool in front of the cute tech guy. I tried, I really did , but there is no way to be sexy or seductive when what you are saying doesn't even make sense in your own mind and you don't even have the energy to hold up your head without using your hands. I'm sure he thinks I'm nuts but I tried to cover by mentioning that I've only had about 10 hours of sleep in the last 7 days. Hopefully I can make up for it by looking stunning and reciting poetry when I go in to pick up my iPod.

Another bit of evidence of hitting the wall... (brace yourself Mamacita)... I bought this.

Yeah...yeah..yeah. I know. The yarn snob has bought Red Heart yarn. Blame it on Nikki . She is now the instore knitter for A.C. Moore in Cary and I stopped by to knit a bit. She showed me all the new yarn they have in. There is some Alpaca, Alpaca Blends, and Cashmere Blends which caught my eye but then there was the Red Heart "Soft Yarn". Granted it's 100% acrylic but it's soft enough that you would actually let it touch your skin without fear and it comes in decent colors. But the part that got me....259 yards of worsted weight for $2.49. I'm a sucker for cheap ,but decent, yarn. These skeins are slated for the Turtleneck Shrugs from the Scarf Style book.

And before I go, a progress shot of Clapotis.