Monday, August 01, 2005

A cornucopia of delights

Look at all this SP goodness!!!

A big thanks to my Secret Pal Sarah . She said she couldn't wait to send me my last gift because otherwise it would have kept growing. I can see why! When I opened the box I was so overwhelmed and felt so unworthy. Here is what she sent me.

Yardley English Lavender lotion --- The perfect after-bath lotion.
Arizona and Disneyland keychains --- I collect keychains and didn't have one from either of these places. YEAH!
Mini Travel Emory Boards - I'm putting these in the knitting bag. I never notice a chipped nail until I'm knitting
A Maya Angelou bookmark - Psychic Sarah must have known I was looking from a bookmark the other day.
Carmel Apple and Kettle Corn Popcorn - I've been known to go on a popcorn binge and eat nothing but for days at a time.
5 skeins of KnitPicks Merino Style in Rhubarb - Enough for a nice vest that I've been thinking about making.
A lovely card, matching notebook (so very Diva!), VK Weekend Knits book, and some Pina Colada Adiago Tea (I won't even go into my tea addiction).

Everyone go visit Sarah and see the pictures of her adorable children. She's the greatest!