Sunday, July 10, 2005

The hunt is on for Bryspun Circulars

This weekend I learned that the needles make all the difference.

I normally work with aluminums but have recently started using Bryspun needles. Dpns for socks and US6 & US8 for other knitting. To make the striped Rebecca sweater I had to use US3 & US4 so I switched to my Boye Needlemasters. While I consider these needles to be one of the best gifts I've ever received (Thanks Mom!), I've learned that aluminum is murder on my wrists. Someone suggested Bryspuns to alleviate my wrist pain, and they were right. It's great because that means no more pain. It's also bad because I may have to leave behind my beloved aluminums. I achieve great speed on aluminum and I hate to lose that to plastic but I think my wrist have the finally vote on the matter.

Now the bigger problem is that none of the stores in the area carry Bryspun straights or circs. I've found I can get straights at Elann but where can I get circs? Any suggestions?