Friday, July 08, 2005

Update before the weekend

Thanks to the crazy storms courtesy of tropical storm Cindy, I did a lot of knitting last night but I don't have any pictures. Using electronics in this type of storm was a definite no-no.

I finished the front and back of the Rebecca #11 sweater and I started a sleeve. I've adjusted the pattern to knit as much of it as I can in the round. I hate purling. For as much as I like the other sweater (#6), I'm not making good progress. I'm out of denial....I'm a st-st type of girl. The sweater is cute but takes a lot of work.

I'll try to finish one of the two sweaters this weekend but I also have to start designing an outfit for an upcoming "All-White Party". I have something in mind so I need to get started.

And before I go... my prayers go out to everyone in London, and everywhere else in the world where cowardly people do stupid things like harm innocent people. Note to the knuckleheads: If you are opposed to something and believe that strongly in it, then be brave enough to directly confront the person or problem for which you have an issue. Affect change. Don't create more problems. Nothing will get solved by you blowing up buses. That ends my rant.

Have a great weekend.