Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Listen to the voices

My trip to Wash.DC. was bad. Not good bad, but for real bad. Don't ask for details because I'm trying hard to forget. There was no one thing that went wrong but the sum total of it all was just bad. On Thursday, the voice in my head told me I should just stay home but I didn't listen. I wish I did. I did stop into StitchDC's Georgetown location, but my mood was so off that I didn't buy anything. And you know it's bad because Debbie Bliss yarns were on sale.

I did get to finish the front of the Rebecca sweater and now I have to start on the sleeves. I don't have any pics b/c I don't have the strength to take and post them. I contracted something funky so now I have a case of laryngitis which is making me irritable. I have all of Tuesday off from work so I'm going to get some rest and maybe start a new project. I need some mindless stockinette in my life.