Monday, June 13, 2005

“That girl looks good” **

See that girl right there...

Bill and her diploma

...that girl looks good !!! This my friends, is the most important graduate of the 7,368 graduates of The Ohio State University Spring 2005 class. After a little extra time and a lot of hard work, my lil sis graduated from college on Sunday!!! And what does she have to show for it..... a Bachelors in Industrial Engineering, a minor in Biomedical Engineering, and a minor in African-American and African Studies. That girl is good!!! (Can you tell I'm proud?)

7,368 - That's a lot

** The source of my quote... After a event and reception on Saturday, I inform my cousin that we may not have time to go back to the apartment and change before going out for the evening. I then ask her if she has a problem with the outfit she was wearing or if she really needed to change. She then proceeds to look down at her outfit, look up at me, and then says "That girl looks good,what you talkin' 'bout?" In case you didn't get it, the conceited little joker was talking about herself. Priceless...I tell you...priceless. My family is pure comedy and if I had taped the entire weekend and sold it to Comedy Central..I'd be rich.

Now onto the knitting content.

Mamacita Senorita (mom) and I went to a few yarn shops while in Columbus. We visited Knitter's Mercantile on Friday. Very nice shop with a great variety. I met some lovely ladies that told me how to best go about getting a TNNA membership. I also had an informative conversation with the shop's owner (I don't know her name). Did you know that Skacel and Inox were once the same company and that Addi Turbos and Inox are virtually the same needle but Inox is cheaper? Inox here I come. I satisfied my Rowan Summer Tweed craving with a purchase of 4 skeins of a lime green color for another lovely tank. Mamacita bought a few balls of Catania Cotton for some socks and baby clothes.

On Saturday we ventured to The Yarn Shop . Mamacita liked this shop a little better because they were having a sale and there was more yarn fit for baby clothes. She bought more cottons and I found the ever elusive Bryspun needles.

Mamacita has found her niche. She likes socks and baby clothes. Socks because they are quick and baby clothes because "they are sooooo cute". Here is a pair of socks that she made for me.
If they look big it's because I have big feet.

She also made my sis two pairs as graduation presents. My sister has a sock fetish so this works out great for her. We had to stop her from putting them on in the middle of the restaurant.

I think that's all for now. I'm off to do a little knitting and get some sleep. Serta has missed me and I've missed him. I'll show some of my travel knitting tomorrow.