Friday, June 03, 2005

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star-rah

For the most part I’m a sewing gal. I’ve been making clothes for about 18 years now, so I turned back to knitting to fill my knitwear void. With my over-confident sewing skills I thought ..”sure I can design knitted items. No problem”. Well…problem. It isn’t the same. It’s a little bit more frustrating. With a sewn item you just undo the mistake and start again. 15 minutes tops. With knitting, it can take hours to fix a mistake. With all that said, I present to you “Star-rah”.

I thought “ knit a tube top in the round, no purling, it will go fast “. “HA!”, replied the knitting goddesses, “we’ll show you”. And so they did. Side seam increases aren’t as well hidden and don’t get me started on intarsia in the round. It’s a pure nightmare! I just wanted this done so I finished and hope no one notices the mistakes when I wear it. The intarsia is a hot mess. And to top it all off, this joker is too small. I started off with the right amount of stitches but lost them along the way. I just wanted to give a progress update on the Star-rah tube top. Now I’m off to frog before the intarsia and make it a little larger. I’m hoping to wear it tomorrow so I’m going to be busy tonight.

And before I go, let me show you my latest acquisitions.

My Lara yarn from Elann arrived yesterday. I think I may have a problem because I was hugging the bag when I opened the box. (I’m sure you do it too…errr…right? ) I also broke down and bought the Vogue Knitting Reference. More yarn…More books….Weeeeeee! I’m happy!