Sunday, June 05, 2005

But you may smell like a drunk while buying lobster on the street corner.

There is so much to report. My weekend was miraculously busy and fun. A fun night of partying on Friday, where we met some cool people. We met a guy that was in town looking for a new house. He came to the party by himself, but he was funny and obviously can make friends quickly. He called Miss Z on Saturday looking for someone with a kitchen because … get this … he was going to buy some lobsters from someone that was selling them on the street and he needed a place to cook them. This had us laughing for about 10 mins straight. Who buys lobsters on a street corner?

I finally finished the Star-rah tube top in hopes of wearing it to my friend’s cookout Satuday. I wanted to make a statement. After trying it on I remembered that I had this little number waiting to be worn.

I designed this out of the Rowan Cotton Rope. Lovely stuff. Paired with some white linen pants that I made….how could I go wrong? This brings me to the first part of the title. My friend MinahB sings the praises of the Bath & Body Works “need a margarita?” Body Scrub and she bought me some. It smells great and since I was in a limey mood I decided to use it. This scrub smells exactly like a margarita, not just like lime, but a margarita. Although it smells great, I am now self-conscious about wearing it. I didn’t get any negative comments but I felt like I reeked of a big alcoholic drink. Hopefully everyone didn’t think I spent the day in a Mexican restaurant getting drunk because I sure smelled like I did. I did get some great complements on my outfit though, and Miss Z made sure I told everyone that I made my outfit.

I’ll add a better pic of the star-rah tube top to my gallery tomorrow. I don’t have much other knitting progress to show. I cast on for the back of the Rebecca sweater, another One Skein Wonder, and I spent Sunday working on BFF’s wedding gift.