Thursday, June 30, 2005

Taunt the TSA with child-safe scissors !

As everyone gets ready for the summer and holidays, this is for all the future airplane travelers.

On my trip to my sister's graduation in Columbus , I packed a pair of child-safe Hello Kitty scissors with my knitting in my carry-on bag. I left the Raleigh/Durham with no problem. On the way back, the dutiful Columbus TSA officials told me that I couldn't have my scissors and tried to take them. I had 5 sets of big pointy needles but I can't have the scissors??? I informed them that the TSA website said I could take them but I don't think they appreciated being told they were wrong. I was told that the TSA website was out-of-date and he was going by the rules of the airport. I then proceeded out of security to a gift shop to mail them back to myself. A big hassle! My trip to Miami....scissors with me there and back, no problem. Cleveland and problem.

I wrote the TSA customer service center where they proceeded to dance around my question. Long story short, the rules are supposed to be universal but an airport make their own judgement call. I think this was supposed to apply to things like 18 inch long dressmaker scissors and not 3 inch kiddie scissors...but I digress.

Now it is my mission to test the TSA at every airport I visit. My theory is that the Slo'umbus airport is just behind the times and is filled with buttholes with no other power in life other than to stop knitters with kiddie scissors.

Next time you take a plane, print out the TSA prohibited items list, pack some child-safe scissors and let me know if you make it through the airport.

My manager gave us Friday off along with Monday and Tuesday, so I'm taking another blogging vacation. I'm going to head to DC for the weekend.

Happy 4th of July Everyone!!!