Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The blob

The blob has taken over the studio corner of my apartment.

This is the mystery gift for my BFF's wedding present. Let me just say that I must love him a lot cause I'm not really enjoying this project. I like the whole concept of it but no one else will ever get one of these things out of me again. I'll be knee deep in this mess for the rest of the week since the wedding is this Saturday. Hopefully I'll get this done quick and get back to the knitting I want to finish. I'll show a pic of the finished project on Monday. I'm sure many of you can guess what this anyway.

I heard from my Secret Pal yesterday. She's so nice. I'll need to do better with my SP but with this stinkin wedding gift and Father's Day this week I haven't had a chance to do some good SP shopping. This week...I promise.

Here is a pic of my travel knitting.

I made a good bit of progress on my first sock eventhough the gauge is killing me. The next pair of socks will have to be on US 3-5 with a heavier gauge yarn. The sock is definitely the most portable of the projects. I also started a tank with my Summer Tweed at the graduation Sunday. It was 3 hours long so I made good progress.

If the blob doesn't eat me alive I'll try and finish the tank front tonight so I have something to show you tomorrow. There's a Knitting Meetup tonight so I should get it done.