Sunday, June 26, 2005

Humidity with a side of mosquito bites….Coming right up!!!!

It’s seems that the greatest thing that Miami has to offer is not the obvious things like sun, fun, and beaches. Nope! It’s humidity and mosquito bites.

I had it all planned. Some time by the pool, doing a little knitting. Some time on the beach, doing a little knitting. Well…. on Wednesday after fifteen minutes poolside, I had 5 bites on my arms, including one on my hand. The knitting went back into the bag, and I went back indoors. Thursday and Friday, after putting up with the smart comments of the non-knitting friends I invited on MY vacation (more on this tomorrow), I did a little knitting on the beach. On Saturday, the poolside knitting lasted five minutes before I had 3 bites, so I was back indoors again.

Humidity does not make for great knitting either. Sticky hands and fluffy yarn is a disgusting feeling. Most of my knitting was done in the hotel room with the A/C on. I don’t really like A/C because of that artificial refrigerator cold feeling but it seems it’s the only way to survive in Miami.

In non-knitting vacation news, I had the delight of getting stuck in a horrific rainstorm that resulted in me walking 8 blocks barefoot in ankle-deep water. The kicker….2 hours later the streets were bone dry.

From all this you would think my vacation stunk, but it was okay, just not the way I planned it. I’ll tell you about the better parts tomorrow.

I finished my Summer Tweed tank which I’ll take pictures of tomorrow. I made some progress on my Rebecca sweater which I’m determined to finish this week. It’s been around too long and it’s started to bug me.

Yarn-Away Winner.

Nik of Nik’s Knits is the winner of the TLC yarn. She was the only person to enter my first little contest but its okay. I’m sure she doesn’t mind the lack of competition and I’ll save on postage since she’s here in town.