Thursday, July 07, 2005


I'm about to ramble a little so bare with me. I have a lot of random thoughts running around in my head.


Here is my progress on the Rebecca sweater #6.

I started another Rebecca sweater #11.

Thanks SP!
My SP came through again and sent The Vogue Knitting Companion! I was contemplating what to do with my 50%off coupon to AC Moore and almost bought this but I held off. I'm glad I did b/c the mailman dropped this off Tuesday. (Instead I used the coupon to get Scarf Style.)

New Knitty

I'm slightly disappointed at the new Knitty mag. Nothing but men's stuff. I'm sure this will come in handy one day but since I don't really make stuff for men I not all that excited. I'm sure all you married and attached ladies will benefit. It is definitely a good thing for all the men knitters out there. I know they feel a little neglected in the pattern department.

Haloscan and Bloglines

Haloscan isn't registering the correct number of comments. Boooooo for Haloscan.
Bloglines isn't registering my feeds until days laters. Boooooo for Bloglines.

New Projects and Other stuff

I'll be taking a break from knitting in August but not really. In order to save my wrists from the fateful Carpal Tunnel, I'm going to avoid large projects. I'll only be working on socks. I'm going to finish up the two Rebecca sweaters and one Rowan top before then. My list of things to knit after the break is already growing.

Thanks to Lu's great idea, I have ordered some KnitPicks Dye-your-own yarn for the IK Kate Gilbert Union Square Market sweater. This will be my first attempt at dyeing yarn but it doesn't sound too scary since I'm not doing any fancy striping. I haven't decided on the colors but I have time b/c I'm not starting this until September.