Sunday, July 24, 2005

Choices, Choices

I have been working on my All-White design so I have no knitting progress to show you. Instead I'll talk about my latest dilemna. Oh..the choices!

I have it in my mind to make Clapotis. I don't know why but I'm drawn to this thing. I've been fighting the urge. I didn't want to just be joining the Clapotis "bandwagon" and I'm not big on variegated yarn but I really do like this scarf.

Now here is where I have my dilemna. Which yarn do I choose?

There is the recommend Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb in Flame

or STW Bamboo in Tequila.

The problem is that I really like the Lion and Lamb but I can't bring myself to spend $27/skein. I'm going to reduce the width of the pattern so I'll only need 2 skeins but that's still $54. To me, that seems like too much for a scarf. Sweater, yes...scarf, no. The Bamboo is $13/skein or $26 for the whole scarf. Much more reasonable.

Which would you choose?