Friday, July 22, 2005

Very tricksey my precious!

Tricksey it is, that Lara Summer Yarn. I tell you, it has mind-altering powers. My original cast-on was supposed to be for a swatch but the hypnotic images of the splitting yarn tricked me into just starting the tank. I meant to swatch, I really did. As I hit about the 28th row something in my head said, "This isn't right. It looks too small". I did a mini-swatch on US3. Then came the Charlie Brown type "ARRRGGGHHH!". 26st/4in. Not good. I'm supposed to have 23 st/4in. So frog I did and tonite I get to start over. I think the yarn goddesses are telling me to get different yarn but Rowan Glace doesn't come in the pretty shade of pink I want so I shall continue with this stuff.

Other crafty goodness

I spent a little time working on my design for the All-White Party next week. Want a peek at what I did last night....

I made a sequin applique. (I can't tell you what I'm making yet but I can give you bits and pieces.)

New toys

Look what was waiting for me when I got home yesterday. It's my birthday present from my parents. I only mentioned the swift and said I didn't really need a ball winder but my mother ignored that and got it for me anyway. In her words (and a sarcastic tone), "I just know you don't want that ball winder but I'm sure you'll use it." The woman knows me well. And like with KnitPicks, we have learned a valuable lesson. Pay for the good shipping. This took the full 14 days to get to me.

Everyone have a good weekend. Stay out of the heat (it's HOT !!!) and drink lots of water!