Monday, July 18, 2005

One..Two...Knockout Punch

I think I live in the Twilight Zone....

I'm a different breed of woman and I know this. I like a lot of "guy" things that some women don't, like sports. This is a result of growing up on a street with mostly boys. For the most part this has never been a problem. It usually works to my benefit because it helps me relate to men better. And trust me when I say that "It's a good thing".

Well...since I've moved to the Twilight Zone Raleigh-Durham area, I have encountered a strange breed of men. The type that aren't into normal guy things, like boxing. There was a middleweight championship boxing match on Saturday and I, for the life of me, couldn't find not one man that wanted to see the fight, let alone, knew it was coming on. Everywhere else I've lived, I've never had a problem finding men to watch a boxing match with. And when a match is pay-per-view, it's kinda important to find a group of people willing to split the cost. I'm sure there were a few men that thought I was joking but I take my boxing seriously. Hot, sweaty, testoterone-filled men...what girl wouldn't ???

So Saturday night, I cozied up on the couch, ordered my boxing match for $49.95, and had some quality knitting-boxing time. A strange combination, but it works for me. My dad and I had a friendly bet going and I won. One free Cheesecake Factory dinner coming right up!!!

But most importantly, it gave me a chance to finally finish this....

That's me modeling the Rebecca #11 sweater, courtesy of my new tripod which I bought Sunday. I was a responsible adult and skipped a trip to the LYS and bought a much needed tripod instead.

On Sunday I spent a little quality time with the Rebecca #6 sweater and two of my favorite men Will Smith and Adrian Grenier.

I have to finish the collar tonight and I'll have a picture to show tomorrow. It really feels good to finish things.


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