Wednesday, July 20, 2005

It's the splits!

This yarn is the worst, and I mean, THE WORST!!! Do you see it? Please tell me you see it? Share my pain. This is the Lara Endless Summer from Elann. It's "supposed" to be a knock-off of Rowan Cotton Glace but since I have used Cotton Glace before, I can tell you that this yarn bites! This stuff splits so bad it's infuriating. I could tell before I even finished my cast-on for Gem, that this stuff was bad. I want to throw this stuff across the room but I am determined to make this tank with this yarn because if I don't use it for this project I will never use it. And what's worse is that I have about 8 more balls of this stuff for another project.

I may hate this more than I hate Fun Fur and coming from me, that's a real bad thing.