Tuesday, July 26, 2005

By George, I think I've got it!

First we will start today's post with a little segment called:

Friendly Tips For Everyday Living

Tip #1
When the heat index is 105-108 degrees, one should be very careful when getting into a car and handling a seatbelt or other metal objects that have been baking for 8 hours in an unshaded parking lot. Otherwise, one may get a new "tattoo" in the shape of said seatbelt or metal object.

Tip #2
Even if the heat index is 105-108 degrees, one should NOT dress like you are going to a nightclub or the local park/pool, when going to work. For one, your place of employment is most likely air-conditioned, and two, people like me will laugh at you when you are walking through the hallway.

Moving on...

I think I have found the solution to my Clapotis yarn dilemna. I was already to buy the SWTC Bamboo when Heather brought it to my attention that I may not like the fabric that it makes. This was the reason I liked the Lion and Lamb more. I like that it is 50/50 wool/silk. After remembering something I had seen awhile back I came up with an idea...

8 packets of Red Kool-Aid and this

I found this on The Wool Peddler website at $16.00/skein. At this price I can get the color and texture I want for my Clapotis. I'm so excited!!!

Now I just have to hold out until payday Friday before I order it. I'm trying a new "one purchase per paycheck" budget. My yarn spending was getting a little out of hand.