Monday, August 01, 2005

Best laid plans.......

I'm a procrastinator. I admit it and for the most part I have done well to overcome that problem but in the case of the All-White outfit, procrastination reared it's ugly little head. I knew about this party the first week of June but waited until 2 weeks ago to really start and I payed for it in the end. It didn't come out the way I wanted and I didn't have time to fix it. Here it is.

(Click the pic for a closer view)

It's supposed to be a "collage" skirt. It is a front and back piece with side grommets and ribbon ties on the side, and is supposed to go over a pair of short-shorts. What's wrong is that at this length it's too long for the grommet/ribbon thing and should just be a regular skirt. But since the regular skirt thing isn't what I was going for I needed to shorten it and decorate the back flap which I hadn't done and didn't have time to do. I'll probably fix it and wear it somewhere else. If nothing else, it's something I can add to my design portfolio. Thankfully I had a backup outfit.

Gem Progress

Here is a progress pic of Gem . I added the pic of Gem to show what it is. I thought I had shown a picture before but I guess I never did. I hope to finish the front tonite and the back by Wednesday.