Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Yeah...I got issues.

I admit it...I've got issues. I suffer from a fear of commitment, OCD, ADHD, and worst of all, over-achiever's syndrome. Granted, all of these are self-diagnosed and only affects small portions of my life but this is how they all manifested themselves this past week.

My fear of committment relates to the fact that I have moved 6 times in the past 10 years. (That's 5 states/6 cities.) Because of this, my second bedroom/office has always had boxes that never get unpacked. I decided last Tuesday that I would actually unpack the 10 boxes of books and crap. There enters the OCD. I had to get this done. Never mind that I had to work extra hours for work. My over-achiever syndrome told me that I could do it all. So I bought a wood bookcase which I painted/assembled in between doing some work. Then I spent all day Saturday cleaning the second bedroom and rearranging furniture throughout the apartment. Did you caught that ADHD moment? I can't just fix one room, everything must be rearranged.

Amongst all of this, I decided that my current "On The Needles" was getting on my nerves (committment issues). It had to go. So I finished the Summer Tweed Tank (pattern available later this week), frogged the Tip&Top cotton socks (didn't like the holes in the short-row heel), practiced short-rows(no more holes!), organized the yarn and fabric stashes, started a project for the SnB charity event, and worked a few more rows on Gem.

Never mind the fact that right now it's 1:40 AM, I just finished watching the Chronicles of Riddick (good movie), doing some work and starting my Clapotis..... I'm on a roll!!!

Sleep?...what sleep!?! I don't need no stinking sleep!