Thursday, August 04, 2005

No really...For real!?!

My sister has a habit of calling me while I'm at work and asking "What are you doing", to which I reply, "Working". She always follows with "No, really. For real!?!" And we do this every time she calls. It was a known fact that when I first started working a few years ago, I didn't really do much work. My day usually consisted of 2 hours of "checking email", a 1 hour meeting, 1 hour lunch, and 3 hours of actual work. (If you were counting you noticed that didn't total 8 hours). It wasn't my fault they didn't give me anything challenging to do.

I used to complain about my under-utilization but no more. Now I work and I mean work. With my current project I work a full 9-10 hours in the office and an occasional 1-3 hours at home. And I'm not complaining...well...not that much. I enjoy my co-workers and my work but it does cut into my knitting time. After work I don't always have the mental brain power to knit because everything would be one long stockinette row. This is why Gem is not finished.

FYI....This post has no pictures. Sorry, too tired. But please keep reading.

Instead of knitting I have planned out my winter knitting list. With the lack of good patterns this season, I'm going to eliminate some stash and venture into designing some knitwear. The local SnB group just sent out a notice for a Winter charity/fashion show/silent auction event and I sent in my name to make a few things. I think this will challenge me to design something. And they are looking for more "guy stuff" so I might take a stab at that too.

My Andromeda yarn for Clapotis arrived. I fondled it but only for a minute since the yarn smells likes a lamb's butt. What do you expect from un-dyed yarn? But Stephanie at Woolpeddler's is nice and she ships fast. I'll definitely buy from her again.

I discovered a new yarn shop in Wake Forest. It's a quilt shop called Quilts Like Crazy that started selling yarn earlier this year. They have a good selection and I'm excited that they are five minutes from my apartment. All the other shops are 25-40 minutes away.

I had Bloglines condense my 3 feeds into 1 but I think I may have lost a few subscribers. I'm not sure but if so, please just re-subscribe. Sorry for the inconvienence.

I think that's all I have to report today. If it's not coherent and my punctuation/spelling sucks, blame it on the lack of sleep and proper eating.

I'm going on a secret mission Saturday which I'll be sure to tell you about Monday. Hopefully by then I'll have some knitting to show you too.