Monday, August 15, 2005

The trifecta is complete!!!!

Good Times! Good Times!

I'm back from Cleveland and I'm TIRED!!! But it's a good tired. There was so much to do and so little time.

I saw Wedding Crashers and Four Brothers. Wedding Crashers was the funniest movie ever!!! I laughed so hard I cried. You must see it. Four Brothers was great. The reviews weren't too good but I think the reviews were wrong. The fact that I've been in love with Andre Benjamin since 1994 may make me a little biased but I don't care. I will be getting both of these when they are on DVD.

Bill took me for half-priced sushi at Sushi Rock on Wednesday. I love sushi but she doesn't. She made some horrible faces which were a clear sign that she is not a fan.

There is a lot of other stuff but I'll spare you and skip straight to the crafty content.

BWAAHHAHAAA! My plan worked and the trifecta is complete! Resistance is futile!

Bill's new job will have her traveling alot and she wants something to do so I suggested knitting. Mamacita got her to start sewing again last year and now I've got her knitting. (Craft addicts don't like to be alone. We are always recruiting.) But get this...she didn't want to start with a scarf. She wanted to start with socks! It took us a little while to talk the sock fiend into knitting a scarf with non-novelty yarn.

The yarn shop were I bought my Shimmer was closed Saturday so I wasn't able to get more. I was disappointed but I can call and order some later. I made up for it with a trip to another shop for the new Rebecca No.30 mag and a trip to JoAnn's to pick up this...

JoAnn's just added some nice yarns that are about $5.99/ball. I got 9 balls of their Stellina yarn in Fushia to try out for a new design.

I'm not too motivated to finish Gem so I think I'm going to set it aside till the weekend and play with my new yarns for a while.