Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wednesday is officially for "Friendly Tips for Everyday Living"

I've officially deemed Wednesdays as the day for my segment called "Friendly Tips For Everyday Living". Some will be knitting related and others not, but all should prove useful is some way or another. You can check out the first two tips here.

Friendly Tip #3

If you own a yarn shop, one should realize that the internet is not a myth and really does exist to connect people to any and everything they want and often times at a better price. You may have a small monopoly on your city and feel the need to charge $10.50 for a ball of Rowan Cashcotton but don't get upset if a knitter feels the need to type and get it for $8.00.

Friendly Tip #4
If one goes into a yarn shop as a customer and knows more than some of the girls working in the shop, i.e. helping other customers find yarn and answering questions about gauge,yarn weight, and patterns, then one might need to seriously re-consider their level of confidence in their abilities. You know more and are better than you think.

Friendly Tip #5
If one (the giftee) receives a gift (the gifter), then one should properly acknowledge said gift and thank the gifter. As a giftee, one should also consider the quality of gifts received when the situation is reversed and you then become the gifter. In simpler terms....if someone gives you a nice gift, you better say thank you and give them a nice gift when it comes their turn to get a gift. Otherwise that person may get a little vendictive and cheap in their future gift giving.

Tip #3 comes from all the yarn shops I've visited in my travels and Tip #4 stems from the visit to a yarn shop I mentioned yesterday.

Tip #5 comes from me trying to talk Mamacita out of giving a sub-par gift. Mamacita made quilts for our high-school graduation gifts and family/friends darn near demanded quilts for their children's gifts. Mamacita kindly made them quilts. She also gives out NICE money sums for college graduations. She is now slightly and justifiably bitter that when my sister graduated she received paltry sums like $30, or in some cases, nothing at all.

Tip #5 also comes from the fact that I sent someone a not-so-cheap gift because of this small little gift exchange I joined because of a little blog I write and the giftee never acknowledged the gift that I sent. I wouldn't have been so upset if it weren't for the fact that they've acknowledged and shown pictures of things they received from other people. I have one gift left to send. I'm not saying, I'm just saying....

As for the knitting progress...

Gem is sitting on the side lines until I go back to NC. With all the family time it's hard to really concentrate on it. The ball of Shimmer I have is going to become a little clutch purse but I will be buying more on Saturday which I will turn into a long skinny scarf. (Thanks for the suggestions everyone!). I'm also turning the heel on my Tip & Top Cotton sock. I've decided to start over since the first sock I made had those funny holes in the heel.