Friday, September 02, 2005

Attention... Attention

This is an announcement from the Emergency Fashion Broadcast System. This is not a test! We would like to inform you that there has been strange sightings of fashions of the 1980s and we are here to tell you that this is WRONG. Do not be fooled by perpetrators that tell you the the 80's are back. They are lying to you. The 80s are the decade that everyone should be ashamed of.

If we catch you sewing/knitting anything from the 1980s we will hunt you down, sit you in front of a few Vogue/InStyle magazines, and proceed to deprogram the harmful mind control that someone has put on you.

We repeat... Ignore the 80s flashback gear.

This concludes our announcement.

Moving on....

Here is my progress on the Rebecca #32 Design.

Christie and Jennifer are going to start a Fall Cables knit-a-long. I think this will be my first cables project but I have about 2 more cabling projects on deck. This will be my first knit-a-long. (Yeeahhhh!!!!)

And here is my yarn, all dyed and ready to go, for my Union Market Sweater. I won't be getting to this one until October but I was itching to dye some yarn.