Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Like socks in a dryer.

Here at the house of Saun washclothes are like socks. They tend to disappear. I have quite a few sets of towels but only two sets have washclothes that match. The rest are either missing or somehow are no longer a color-match. I find that I go through washclothes faster than I do towel. So what is my solution you ask? Lily Sugar'n Cream Cotton + needles = washclothes. I used to think knitting washclothes was a waste of time but given that I am in Michael's/AC.Moore more than I am in JCPenney/Sears and I can get about 3 out of a ball for $2.19 I will now be making them. These colors coordinate with my two bathrooms.

Here is my final shot of Clapotis.

Yarn: Red Luxe (2 skeins kool-aid dyed Andromeda yarn)
Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert at
Needles: US 8
Alterations: Only 4 sets of increase rows

As you can see I have tried to spruce up my little site here. I finally got around to creating a button and a new header. There are other changes I want to make but I have to get over my distaste for html first. Take a button and spread it around.

There isn't much new progress on the Rebecca cable sweater. After messing up the cables twice and having to go back and fix them, I set this sweater a side to do some washclothes. There is some other craftiness going on here which will be revealed soon. So stay tuned.