Thursday, September 29, 2005

Don't Get It Twisted!

SnB last night was a bust. I drove around the block 3 times and could not find a parking space. Instead of burning more gas or parking and walking 10 blocks, I drove home and watched America's Next Top Model . After some great makeovers and some interesting photo shoots, Miss "Don't Get It Twisted" Ebony was eliminated. I think she was a little too immature and the braids they gave her made her look like a man. I wasn't able to play Perez's ANTM Drinking Game (to which I contributed one of the rules). Maybe next week. With these rules you are guaranteed to be drunk within the first 10 mins of the show.

I finished the front of the Rebecca cropped sweater and will move on to the front at tonight's SnB. I'm determined to have this thing finished within the next week. The last time I made it, it dragged on for close to 2 months. I'll show some pics tomorrow.

I know it's been awhile so I thought I would bring back....

Friendly Tips For Everyday Living

Tip #7

When your father/husband/brother/friend is outside doing repairs on an automobile, put on some old jeans and a sweatshirt and go out there and join them. While you're at it, drag your daughter(s) out there too. The things you will learn will help to save you money and keep you from being ripped off when at the mechanics.

When I started driving my father had me come outside and learn the different parts of the engine, what color all the fluids are, and how to change things. Over the years that knowledge has allowed me to change my own filters, lightbulbs,etc. This has also empowered me to know what things really cost because mechanics WILL try to take advantage of a woman's ignorance.

Want an example... A few months ago, the Check Engine light came on in my car. I went to the auto parts store and had them hook it up to a computer (for free) to see what was wrong. The coolant sensor died. I used the internet to find a manual to show where the sensor is located and what I needed to change it. I went to the dealership and bought the part for $8 and put it in myself. If I had the dealership do it, it would have been $138. Guess what I did with that $130 worth of savings?