Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Never say never

It was a very busy weekend. I decided to have a dinner party on Sunday so I was busy cooking food and cleaning my apartment all weekend. I didn't have time to concentrate on any of the sweaters so I just worked on my socks.

Now here's the thing....I used to say that I would never knit socks. As you can see I've gone back on that statement. Then I said that I couldn't imagine spending $20 on a pair of socks. So guess what I did? Spent $20+ on some Koigu yarn. I had a real OCD moment this weekend. With all the cooking and cleaning, all I could think is that I wanted to try some Koigu. I HAD to try it. I fought the urge to buy some Saturday but then Monday came and it was all I could think about. I originally told myself that I wouldn't buy it until I finished the 2 sweaters but I know myself really well. I knew that it would bother me until I bought it, so I went to the LYS after work yesterday. The stuff is nice and while I won't say never, I can say that I probably won't be making this a habit. I think I was just obsessed with seeing what all the hype was about. I love a good yarn and supposedly this stuff is like crack. Like I said,it's nice, but I think I'll be okay with KnitPicks as my main source of sock yarn. Have any of you ever knit with Koigu? What do you think about all the hype?

I did, however, show some self-restraint. The new Nashua yarns were in. They have this nice lavender shade of worsted weight wool-alpaca mix that I had to talk myself out of because it wasn't in the budget. If I can make it through two sweaters then maybe I'll consider it.