Friday, September 23, 2005

Primetime knitting

It's that season again. No... not fall/autumn. It's TV season. That time of year when old tv shows come back and new shows come on the scene. AAAAhhhhhh,the smell of a new television show is so refreshing. Can you smell it?

My obsession with my television started when I moved to Rochester, Minnesota . Rochester is not a bad place, just too small for me and not enough to do. I spent more time in Minneapolis/St.Paul, which is an hour away, but when I was confined to Rochester I was stuck to my tv with my knitting in hand. I had a daily schedule of what to watch. My tv kept me company.

I still have a obsessive tv schedule. Monday's it's all UPN. Tuesday's it's Gilmore Girls, Supernatural (quite scary), and Law & Order SVU. Wednesdays,America's Next Top Model and more L&O (Nope,I don't watch Lost). Thursday,Everybody Hates Chris (UPN), Criminal Minds (CBS). That's not all of it but I don't want to bore you with my long list.
I embrace my pathetic tv-obsessed existence and if I start talking alot about shows and talk about tv characters like they actually exist, you've been warned.

I started my sister's Rebecca sweater at SnB Wednesday nite. I also started another sock.

I needed something to do when I don't have the concentration for all the cabling. I had to come up with my own way to do the short-row heels because I've yet to find a pattern that actually doesn't produce those ugly holes.

Sandy is requesting picutures of the sky so here is a pic I took from my deck last week. I love it when the sky looks like this.


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