Friday, October 14, 2005


I've joined Lauren's Socktoberfest. I needed a break from all the cabling and decided to work on my socks.

Here is my first Koigu sock all finished. Now brace yourself. I'm about to say something blasphemous. Yesterday Kathy asked me if I thought the Koigu is worth it. My answer: Nope. I think it's overrated. They have nice colorways which may be part of the hype but I don't really like the nubby texture. I prefer Knitpicks or Regia better.

Now onto this swatching and gauging thing. I was almost done with the back of the Rebecca Cable Sweater when I realized it was WAY too big. So after 5 minutes of pouting, I ripped the whole thing out. I'm going to start it at the end of the month.

Instead I started this sweater.

I started the ribbing and it was WAY to small. So after another ripping session, I swatched and gauged it correctly. Although I hate swatching, I shouldn't try to avoid it. I have to confess that I never swatched for anything until about March of this year.