Wednesday, October 12, 2005

It's Fall Y'all !

I know fall started on Sept. 22 but it didn't feel like it here until this week. We've been suffering from a drought and when the long await rains came this week, it brought fall along for the ride. The temperatures are dropping and the skies are dreary. The leaves haven't changed yet but I guess that is on the way.

With the onset of the season, I've decided to get cracking on my sweater knitting. And hopefully it will all come from stash. I've decided that I can't buy any more yarn until after Christmas. With the size of my stash it's doesn't make any sense to get anything new. Of course there is one exception. I'm going to DC at the end of the month and I have to stop into StitchDC since their variety is different from what we have here.

Here are my latest stash enhancements and the reason my guilt has resulted in my yarn-buying restrictions.

First there is some yarns for scarves. The pink colorway of the James Brett Marble yarn, 2 skiens of LB Landscapes, and my favorite, some Katia Nepal.

The other photo is of some laceweights from handpainted yarns . I have two different colorways, Stonechat and Loro Barranquerro. 800 yards for $5.60 each. I love that.

I also acquired some Alpaca Cloud and Dyeable sock yarn from Knitpicks. I think I've bought more than enough yarn.

I don't have any progress shots to show you and this brings me to today's

Friendly Tips for Everyday Living

Tip #8

Swatch and gauge, my friends. Swatch and gauge. If you don't you will spend a lot of time knitting something that will turn out to be way too big or way too small. And you will be more than annoyed when you have to rip it out.

More on this tomorrow...