Monday, October 24, 2005

Sniff Sniff

Some people spend their weekends doing fun things like going outside, shopping,etc. But me....I spend my weekends sick and sitting on the couch. Noooo...I don't get sick during the week when I can use a sick day. I get sick on my own time. What is my body thinking?!?

So as I sniffled, I sat on the couch and spent a little time with my new man, Wentworth . Yep, Freddie has been replaced. Now my man Wentworth....we got a little thing going on. On Sunday we spent a few hours together during the Prison Break marathon on FX. You might have also seen him on a few Mariah Carey videos, but don't worry. Those were just videos, he's really all mine. (Now I have to just find him and let him know that.)

On the knitting front, I finished the front of the Lacy Top and I finished my Koigu Toe-up Ribbed Socks. While watching Monday's new episode of Prison Break, I blocked the front and back pieces. I'm going to start on the sleeves. I'll post a picture of my socks when I can get some decent lighting to take a good picture.

I'm off to dope myself up with some Nyquil and have sweet dreams of me and Wentworth.