Friday, October 21, 2005

Strike Two

Strike Two is for Vogue Knitting and that craptastic issue they have just released. It is chock full of complete and total garbage. With the exception of one pattern that I would think of knitting, that horrible 70's/80's retro mess is disappointing. They have one more time to publish another garbage issue and I'm staging a protest. And when did knitted pillows become the big thing?

I'm in kind of a snit. (Can you tell?) Work has's just been. I'm too tired to even think about it. I haven't turned on my computer at home since Sunday. The hope of a good VK issue was the only highlight of my week. That dream was crushed as I flipped through it while at Borders.

One good thing....'s Beth. She's all done. The armholes are a little small but I'm not in the mood to undo a thing so instead I weaved in a ton of ends and seamed it up. It was 85 degrees here but hopefully it will be cool enough in DC next week for me to wear it.

I plan to finish my Koigu socks this weekend and then maybe the Lacy Sweater. Oh...and maybe clean up my apartment. Yeah...that would be a good idea.