Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I want to thank everyone for all your get well wishes. I think the sudden illness has to do with the fact that the temperature went from 85 degress to 60 degrees in the matter of a day. It's definitely fall now.

Time for hats, scarves,mittens, closed-toed shoes, and .....SOCKS!

And without further ado here are the Socktoberfest socks in all their splendor and glory.

I made these on US3. For the first sock I used my Bryspun dpns. On the second I used an Addi Turbo using the Magic Loop method. Next time I think I will use US2 for a denser knit, although I'm not sure how much difference that would make when it's only a .25mm difference in needle size.

I would have to say that I think I prefer the Magic Loop method over the dpns. The very first sock I ever made I used the 2 circ method and hated it. All that sliding was annoying so I went back to the dpns. I decided to try the magic loop on this sock and although there is still some sliding involved, it's tolerable.

As far as the short-row heels, I like these best. I do not like the look of a heel flap. That's not the way socks look when you buy them at the store and therefore I refuse to make heel flap socks. Plus I don't like picking up stitches. The only problem with short row heels is that I had to come up with a method that doesn't have holes. It doesn't look all-together correct, but there are no holes and that's what I like best. I have followed every pattern variation on the web (Wendy's Short row method, the comfy sock method, etc) but they all produce holes. If you know of a way to do the short-row method as they instruct without the holes let me know.